We are about people.


We are interested in you and the things that are important to you: dreams and challenges and plans and risks and families and friends and colleagues and stresses.

We take time to listen get to know you so we can we can understand what matters to you. This is different for everyone – that’s what makes people interesting. Knowing what matters means we can give you the right advice and the right assistance.  Not meaningless legal jibber-jabber or pages of unhelpful blah blah blah or complicated instructions about what you need to do. We give you specific, tailored advice and assistance - what you need when you need it, delivered in a way that works.

Every time we do a job for you we get to know you a bit more. We get to learn a bit more about you and how we can do better for you.


We’re about us as well. We’re people who have families and friends and dreams and challenges and all of that just like you. We’re about taking care of our people the best way we can so our people can give you exceptional service.

This means flexibility and support. This means getting our people to play to their strengths. This means work life balance, so when we’re working for you, we give you 100% of our presence and attention. This means continually training and growing our team so we have the best technical skills to take care of your interests.

This means well trained, well rested and happy people who love their job - in your corner.


There are almost always other people involved in working for you: banks and other financiers, other lawyers, accountants and financial advisors, brokers, agents and property professionals. Whoever it is, we do what we can to help them do their piece of the puzzle. We believe in contribution, not competition. We help the others that are involved to help you get the outcome you are after.

If things get sticky and your rights and interests are threatened, we get ninja level litigators or disputes lawyers involved to take up the fight for you.  


At the end of the day, we’re about relationships - between us and you and the others involved in your work and our community. We are about people.


We are a values driven firm. Our values are the principles or standards that are important to us and that guide us.

3 of our values (there's more)

Exceptional customer service
It’s not good enough to give good legal advice, we also must make sure our client has a good experience along the way.

Do what you say you will do
If you say you will do something, do it. If you can't do it, say so. If you say you will do something but it turns out you can't, own it - don't pretend.

Above all else, integrity
Being a lawyer is about ethical obligations. If the rules say we can’t do it, we don’t do it. If they say we must do it, we do it. These are corners that we never, ever cut.

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