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Wills are about certainty. Certainty for you, certainty for your family and certainty for the other people who are important to you.Making a will can be an intimidating process but it doesn’t need to be. You know what is important to you, whether it be protecting your children, sharing your wealth or maximising flexibility. We take what is important to you and translate it into an effective will which will give the important people certainty in difficult times.We write wills for everyone.  Straightforward wills.  Complicated wills. Testamentary trust wills. Wills for business people and wealthy individuals that can save their families thousands in tax. Protective trust wills, to protect people with special needs (due to mental or physical disability young or old age or drug/gambling addiction).We know that it is not easy to think and talk about your will: it’s daunting and confronting.  We will talk to you about your wishes in a way that is positive so you get the outcome you want. If you need a will or want to review a will, we can help.

Attorneys & Guardians

There may come a time in your life when you can’t make decisions for yourself because of a mental or physical incapacity.  If this happens it can create a difficult mess that your family will have to tackle.

You can’t always avoid a mess entirely, but you can make it easier to deal with. Appointing attorneys and guardians allows people to make critical decisions for you, when they need to be made. This eases the burden on your family.

We help you decide when the time is right for someone else to make decisions for you, who is best to make decisions and what sorts of decisions you want them to make.

Self-managed super funds

Self managed superannuation can be an excellent tool for growing wealth and providing for your future.  But it’s complicated and heavily regulated and full of traps. After speaking with you about your plans and your circumstances, we work with other professionals to make the most of the opportunities and avoid the traps.

We document and implement strategies for using self managed super to maximise your wealth.

Estate Administration

When someone dies there is a lot to deal with. You shouldn’t stress about the legal things that need to happen. You should focus on yourself and your family.

Properly administering a deceased estate takes time and energy. At this difficult time, we will manage the process for you. We will make the process easy and make sure you understand how and why things happen.